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Sanako UK Resource Area


In this area you will find

free to use resources for the

following Sanako Systems;


Sanako Study 1200/700 

Sanako LAB 100 System

Sanako Connect Online


If you are unsure as to the model

of your Sanako system please

use the screen images as a

reference and the visit the

support area of this website



























































































































Customer Resources

Identify Your Sanako Language or Interpreting System


Sanako Connect Online Language Centre


Sanako Connect Tutor Screen


Sanako Connect Student Screen


Sanako Study  1200/700 Language Centre 


Sanako Study 1200/700 Tutor Screen

Sanako Study 1200/700 Student Screen


Sanako Conference Interpreter Training System


Sanako Conference Interpreter Training Tutor Screen 



Sanako Conference Interpreter Training Student Screen



Sanako Conference Interpreter Training Online Student Screen


Sanako LAB 100 Digital Language Lab