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English Oracy & Literacy 

Why is oracy important in schools?

As well as being a tool of communication, effective oracy skills enable pupils to participate in deep learning activities where they can exchange ideas, explore new areas and challenge assumptions. This area of pedagogy has particular significance for disadvantaged or low-attaining pupils.

Is there a link between oracy and literacy?

Oracy has also been shown to be an essential part of literacy skills and reading comprehension.
  • Social & Emotional.
  • Physical.
  • Cognitive.
  • Linguistic.
Reasoning and Evidence; Organisation and Prioritisation; Listening and Response; and Expression and DeliveryOral language/oracy is the receptive and productive language that our learners develop as the basis of literacy development. It is the listening and speaking part of literacy and communication

How can modern technology help improve oracy and literacy?

Sanako Connect is a cross curricular and comprehensive solution for improving English oracy and literacy skills in schools.

Developed by Sanako Oy of Finland, this innovative platform offers a range of interactive tools and resources to enhance students' language proficiency. Whether you are a teacher looking to enhance your students' speaking and listening skills or a school administrator seeking to improve overall English language performance, Sanako Connect is the ideal solution for you.

With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, this platform is designed to meet the unique needs of educators and students alike. Experience the power of Sanako Connect and take your school's English language learning to the next level.

Many students are nervous about reading aloud in class due to peer pressure, yet it is an important skill to learn. 

Sanako Connect allows the teacher launch a reading activity to all students, each student can read aloud in a private and non pressured environment using the headsets simultaneously and teacher simply collects the recording as the end for assessment.

Pronunciation testing transforms the way oracy and literacy is practised by students

Unlike most solutions, Sanako Connect prioritizes the development of students’ speaking, pronunciation, and listening skills, providing a comprehensive suite of tools and activities designed to address these critical areas.

With features such as simultaneous whole-class speaking and listening assignments, engaging live pair/group discussion and role-play activities, automated pronunciation grading, and seamless student recording and feedback capabilities, Sanako Connect empowers you to efficiently guide your students toward fluency.

 As a teacher-led platform, Sanako Connect ensures that you as a teacher are always in control of your oracy and literacy classes in any teaching mode, being it in the classroom, remotely, live or asynchronously – making it the ultimate solution for professional educators seeking to elevate language instruction to new heights.