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Sanako Conference Interpreter Training

Hardware, Software & Online Conference Interpreter Training


  •  Hardware version duplicate a     real world feel


  • Software system simulate a  real world conference session


  • Online systems support both hardware & software solutions


  • Fully GDPR compliant


  • Online element will work on   any device with internet connection


  • Delivery both synchronous & asynchronous sessions


  • Two channel recording and download in all cases


  • Perform live or recorded consecutive interpreting exercises


  • Perform live simultaneous interpreting exercises






























































Sanako Conference Interpreting

Hardware, Software & Online


Hardware, Software or cloud based conference interpreter training systems


The Sanako Range of Conference Interpreter Training Systems meets any institution's requirements and budgets. From fully integrated hardware, software and online systems to any variation of modules working either locally or online.

Integrating seamlessly into any existing Sanako Study 1200 Range Languages System or  university network. Simply select the elements required such as hardware, software and online to provide the ultimate in blended learning conference interpreting technology.

Hardware & Software Integrated Interpreting Systems


The full function conference interpreting suites combines traditional hardware technology within the suite for real world experience and the software element allows for intuitive, and often automated, use by the tutor. The software can be deployed to different parts of the network for various activities and of course online with Sanako Connect, which has proven very popular with Languages Centres, UWLP and Interpreting Departments. Often the Sanako Study 1200 Language Centre is used initially for interpreting practice in the first year before students graduate to the full hardware systems.

Software Only Interpreting Systems


Any Combination of Hardware, Software and Online

The flexibility of the unique Sanako software modules enable any variation or specification. You may require laptops or tablets to be used. Alternatively computers only to be available in the single or double interpreting booths, whilst the delegates conference table remains as clear as possible. This popular method of deployment simulates many professional conferences which take place around the world.

When incorporated with the Sanako Connect online module activities can also range from embedding conference files and YouTube URLs to live instant feedback on pronunciation or video dubbing.

Whilst most universities already use the Sanako Study 1200  system within their Languages Departments, it is not uncommon that these systems are also used for conference interpreter training as well as UWLP and modern languages lessons.

With the latest software-only Interpreting systems any room can quickly become an additional conferencing suite by simply using laptops/tablets. This new Conference Interpreting Module allows delegates and interpreters to literally walk in with their laptop and walk away with their work for later revision. This is a great starting point for interpreting students as they progress to the full hardware system.

 Online Conference Interpreting Systems


Synchronous & Asynchronous Interpreting Online

In the vast majority of installations are now incorporating the Sanako Connect Online system. This advanced system can provide both synchronous and asynchronous interpreting activities on any device an in any location. Should you wish to perform simultaneous or consecutive interpreting exercises in class or remotely, Sanako Connect requires only internet access to work and is fully GDPR compliant.


Sanako Conference Interpreter Training Systems  deployed in Universities around the UK & Ireland

Sanako Conference Interpreting

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