Sanako UK Ltd

Using Sanako Connect Online for Interpreting & Translation


Whether you are just starting on your interpreting journey or already experienced interpreting tutor, Sanako Connect online gives you the ability to deliver translation, simultaneous & consecutive lessons in any location & on any device.

The Sanako Range of Conference Interpreter Training Systems meets any institution's requirements and budgets. From fully integrated hardware, software and online systems to any variation of modules working either locally or online.

However, to support or expand your translation and interpreting activities, whatever your current system, why not check out how Sanako Connect can help? Working on any device and in any location, Sanako Connect can deliver simultaneous and consecutive interpreting & translation activities in addition to live audio and video streaming.

You may even wish to embed YouTube video exercises or your own material to create engaging interpreting exercises for you students. All supported by tutor feedback, two channel operation and download, and not to forget the pronunciation testing system using text to speech and voice recognition technology.

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