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Sanako UK Director MFL Career Talks Have A Real Impact

Following a visit to a school to deliver a real world MFL career talk, our UK Director, Mr David Binns, received  a wonderful email from a languages teacher at the forefront of keeping the subject in the minds of Year 9 students.


 The Head of Modern Languages Continues;

Dear David,
Thank you for today's riveting presentation on the importance of language learning in the workplace.  We couldn't ask for better use of one hour with a cohort of year 9 students, many of whom struggle to understand the importance of foreign languages in their lives and future careers.   I say 'struggle', but truth be told it's a struggle many will have neither contemplated, nor even acknowledged existed, the concept of 'foreign', being as alien to some of our students as the word itself. 
What we can vouch for our end is that your presentation was very persuasive and that new lines of thought were explored with pragmatic examples, and the nuts and bolts of basic economics and worldly realities were clearly exposed, in all likelihood leading to the increased take-up of MFL that we crave. Your personal goals in this area certainly enhanced my lunchtime experience with you, and I look forward to any opportunity to work with you again. 
My colleague will I am sure offer her own vote of thanks, but please accept this note as my own sincere token of gratitude for investing in the UK youth and their futures.  It's a noble task, and the ripple effect of talks like yours should not be underestimated, even if the seeds you've planted take a long time to reach fruition. 
We would certainly love to invite you back to talk at our school again and I'd love you to keep a slot free, perhaps late November, early December 2024, although my colleague might pinpoint a date with you herself.  I appreciate you have a very busy schedule and thank you for taking the time to visit us today.
Although too modest to say anything himself, his Sanako UK colleagues think his work should be recognised