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Global Futures is a Welsh Government-funded programme and commitment to expand the teaching of International Languages in schools in Wales.

It’s vision, which reflects that of the new Curriculum for Wales (September 2022), is that Wales becomes a truly multilingual nation and for learners to experience the range of benefits from learning International Languages as they develop into ambitious, capable learners ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.


 Modern Foreign Languages is Thriving in North Wales

Since its launch in 2015, the Global Futures programme has helped develop and provide support and many exciting, impactful opportunities for practitioners and learners. It is my privilege to continue in my role as the Global Futures and International Languages Lead for the North Wales GwE Consortium for this exciting new phase in our education system.

We are very fortunate, in North Wales, to be working alongside Languages teachers in the secondary and the primary sectors who are dedicated and extremely talented practitioners, always striving to give the best learning experiences to their students.

At a time when schools are increasingly being equipped with individual digital devices for learners, we can finally embrace and fully benefit from the Sanako Connect online system and supplement our offer to our learners with a modern, engaging, relevant and innovative approach to language learning.

GwE invests in the latest online MFL technology from Finland to enhance language lessons throughout the region via hub schools and sharing good practice in live streaming mode


We believe this can also be a good tool to develop interesting projects for Curriculum for Wales and to build creative and impactful links between the primary and secondary sectors which will ensure effective and enjoyable transition for learners.

That is why we, at Global Futures GwE, decided to devise and implement this fully-funded 12 months project in collaboration with Sanako UK.

In April 2023, sixteen secondary schools with around 15,000 students across the 6 Local Authorities of North Wales volunteered to use Sanako Connect software to help students to make even faster progress in their language learning.

 Letting Modern MFL Technology Take the Strain   

Teachers have started to use this system to help students to improve their pronunciation skills and to be able to conduct simultaneous speaking activities in pairs, groups or with the teacher asking all students the same question as part of a conversation.

The system can even handle live role play activities and all students answering it individually through their own microphones, which is then marked later by the teacher.


 Jamie McAllister, Head of MFL at Ysgol Aberconwy, says:


“My students really love using the pronounced feature in Connect, where they can get immediate feedback on their pronunciation and they love improving and trying to get five stars. I'm looking forward to being able to save hours of time conducting speaking assessments simultaneously with all my class rather than that separately with each student.”

 Initial feedback

We are looking forward to seeing how each school uses the software and getting feedback on what works the best. It is exciting to see some Welsh and English departments also interested in using the software this year  and to work closely with the International Languages department of their school.

We hope this will enable all practitioners within the Languages, Literacy and Communication Area of Learning Experience to engage in stimulating and productive professional dialogues.


Stephanie Ellis-Williams

International Languages Global Futures GwE Lead