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Sanako UK Technology in Language Teaching (TiLT) Days Return


Sanako UK Technology in Language Teaching (TiLT) Days Return

Welcome to Sanako UK Ltd, where we are excited to announce the return of our Technology in Language Teaching (TiLT) days. These free to attend events are designed to showcase how technology can enhance language learning for primary age children all the way up to A-Level. Technology for technology's sake looks good but isn't always practical in a busy school. We explore ways to make technology work for you, the busy MFL teacher.

Parents also play a crucial role in supporting their children's education, and our TiLT days provide an opportunity for MFL teachers to learn how to increase parental engagement using the latest advancements in language teaching technology. By attending these events, you can gain valuable insights into how technology can help children succeed in language learning.

We believe that by working together, technology and educators can create a supportive learning environment that fosters language development. Join us at Sanako UK Ltd for our TiLT days and discover how technology can revolutionise the way you deliver you lessons.

Where can I attend a TiLT event?

These events are delivered on location in working schools to provide a real world working environment. We work with schools around the country to deliver these events so we can make then regionalised. With the first two already confirmed for July & September 2024 and we invite by post, email & social media all schools within a 30 mile radius. So watch out for announcements in your area.

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