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Sanako UK Success at Language World 2023, Sheffield

Sanako UK was really pleased to sponsor the prestigious Language World 2023 in Sheffield. Delegates got to use the latest modern languages technology from Finland and interact with real world teachers. Sanako Connect, Pronunciation Tool & readymade GCSE content were very well received by all as a new way to teach languages.

Delegates were busy practicing their spontaneous speaking & listening just as a year 9 student would, they also learnt how to do live role play and whole class simultaneous oral assessments, saving countless hours of valuable teaching time.

Additionally, delegates were amazed at the Sanako Connect Pronunciation tool and how versatile it was. Copy & paste any text, or free type, listen to the pronunciation, repeat and get instant feedback. All of which can be done by the whole class simultaneously and the teacher collects the results.

Watch the video to see it in action.


And finally, what a wonderful team we assembled. A great blend of youth, enthusiasm and experience. Thanks to everyone who supported this Sanako hi-tech MFL event.