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Sanako UK - Doing the right thing and supporting the local community

Here at Sanako UK we feel that it is important to support our local community here in Leeds. Sport is a great way of doing this, bringing young people from all communities together, so we sponsored an Under 10 mixed 5-a-side team, here in the inner city.

It's so important that these young people have green spaces to play in a safe and secure environment and just be children, so we are also supporting the TV Harrison Sports Ground appeal.

These young minds have warmly welcomed refugees from all over the world to the team and formed great friendships. They are always so excited to come to training and their parents are happy too, as it wears them out !

So good luck Team Sanako and we hope you will win all your matches and be very successful as a team.

The TV Harrison sports ground in inner city Leeds is a community asset which was donated to the children of Leeds in 1857, and after years of neglect, was brought back to life by the community working with very little money.  The ground was scheduled for development but the community fought and won several court cases to save it, and it is now very heavily used by the children. The community is now turning it's attention to the adjoining tennis and netball courts hoping to bring them back to life also.


Sanako UK 5-a-side Under 10 Football Team