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Sanako UK Autumn 2023 MFL Newsletter


Welcome to the latest edition of the Sanako UK Autumn 2023 MFL Newsletter.


Inside you will find many engaging articles about how the very latest MFL technology from

Finland is having a very positive impact on the UK's language lessons.

Inside this edition;

  • GwE North Wales - Sharing resources & teacher skills via hub schools
  • How Other Countries teach MFL - Country focus on Finland
  • MFL Primary Transition - Having fun and making progress in MFL through fairy tales
  • Sanako Connect - A unique LIVE language learning solution from Finland with GCSE/WJEC content along with audio & video streaming
  • AI & ChatGPT - The useful elements of each technology
  • Supporting the MFL Community - Sanako UK continues to support the MFL community through sponsorship of events
  • MFL Careers Talks - STEM is good, but STEM with MFL is far better
  • Online Interpreting - New developments Sanako Connect online interpreting 

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