Sanako UK Ltd

Sanako Connect, the worlds most versatile live & interactive teaching system for MFL, English oral, exclusion & more!


Sanako Connect incorporates the very latest MFL technology for live speaking & listening activities, in class, at home or remotely. 

Although specifically designed for live and interactive language lessons in a classroom incorporating, pairing, group talk, monitor & intercom, AI pronunciation testing, vocabulary testing, gap fill and so much more. 

Sanako Connect proving so versatile both cross-curricular applications and the delivery of language teaching in various different formats.

Many forward thinking schools are really making the most of their investment in may different ways!


 Live and interactive for spontaneity in speaking and listening

Sanako are famous for their their industry leading interactive language centres for spontaneous speaking and listening activities. Systems, such as Sanako Connect, offer a myriad of activities which are popular across the language teaching community, building sentences, pairing, vocabulary but with the added bonus of live audio and video streaming and AI support plus full GCSE content.

For example you can carry out whole class or year group oral assessments simultaneously saving both time and money.

Alternatively set up live role play activities with students across the class, year group, MAT or countries.





Project your language teaching across primary school clusters


Due to it's unique licence structure secondary schools can support language teaching across clusters of primary schools.

When Sanako Connect is not in use in school the licences can be utilised deliver live and interactive language lessons across clusters of primary schools. 

A very successful example of this was when Monmouth Comprehensive School enhanced primary transition by delivering fairy tale lessons to a cluster of primary schools in French and German using this latest online technology



Make A-Level teaching viable across MAT's or regions


 When Sanako Connect is not in use in school the licences can be utilised deliver live and interactive language lessons across multiple regional or national  schools to deliver A-Level lessons. 

This make A Levels viable when there are not enough A-Level students in one school, but perhaps there are across a trust or region.








Support absent students by delivering remote lessons across the curricular


For many reasons students cannot attend class, this can be either through illness, lockdowns, exclusions or just travel reasons.

However, these students can still be involved in an active lesson with Sanako Connect. The nature of the lesson can be any subject area required at the time.

Even though the student is remote from the class, the teacher can still monitor, intercom and support students on an individual basis launching exercises and accepting student submissions.

At any time the teacher can switch on the live two-way audio and video feed to individual students to support them in their activities