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Our Latest MFL webinar really strikes a chord with linguists!


Sanako UK recently hosted a free to attend and very successful webinar hosted by the fantastic Wendy Adeniji. Wendy spoke to the 85 registered delegates about the new GCSE examination and practical solutions to save the everyday MFL teacher both time and money.

Working in conjunction with the Alderman White School in Nottingham we had two hours of engaging discussion & debate about the new GCSE, the challenges facing today's MFL teacher,  how modern MFL technology can help with the loss of highly qualified MFL teachers, increase speaking & listening time in the classroom and practical tips on helping all students succeed in languages at all levels. 


 Karsten Stephan,  Director of Language College, Alderman White School, comments;

"A massive thanks for such a great webinar. What was so powerful was the way you linked the software and resources to the GCSE, present and future.

The resources you have created are just brilliant and bring the application and the relevance of the software to life. This is such valuable CPD at every level from Sanako."