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For GCSE, WJEC, Primary or A - Level language lessons in class or remotely


Courtesy Monmouth Comprehensive School

Whether you want to deliver live & spontaneous language lessons in the classroom or as homework.

Perhaps deliver MFL lessons to Primary School clusters or just deliver A-Level online. Maybe make use of the GCSE & WJEC content across your Trust. Sanako Connect has all the answers.

As mobile devices, such as laptops, Chrome Books, iPads and even mobile phones, become more readily available to students, they want to take advantage of the modern language learning methods both in school and at home.


Using the AI enhanced Sanako Connect blended learning system provides for spontaneous speaking and listening along with group talk activities, improving outcomes and making language learning fun!

For more information on Sanako Connect and our full range of language and interpreting systems and how they can benefit your schools or university, please contact us 

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