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International languages and Welsh in English medium 

The Sanako UK Group Talk Project

As Sanako UK has been delivering language technology solutions to educational establishments around the UK since 1961, we were more than happy to work with the Education Achievement Service (EAS) on their International and welsh language learning journey.

Now thousands of students are being exposed to international languages and Welsh using the latest technology from Finland’s world leading education system. Sanako Connect was implemented at MCS during the first lockdown to allow online language lessons to continue with dedicated languages technology, its huge success did not go unnoticed by the forward thinking Sioned Harold, Curriculum Partner (Welsh in English medium settings and International languages), who immediately recognised the benefits across a multi school, shared solution, using Sanako Connect. The introduction of the Group Talk activities students, of any language, was a real game changer in the world of International Languages and Welsh.

Sioned Harold from EAS explains the project goals;

The EAS (Education Achievement Service) Sanako Group Talk project has the objective of improving pupils’ progression and confidence in speaking and listening skills, in International Languages and Welsh (in English medium secondary schools), through the implementation of Sanako Connect language learning system and Greg Horton’s ‘Group Talk’ approach. This is primarily based on the success of Sanako Connect at Monmouth Comprehensive School, within our region


Twelve secondary schools were selected to be part of the EAS education consortium project via an application process. The EAS works with schools in five Local Authorities across South East Wales. Funding was provided to purchase Sanako Connect licenses and the robust Sanako MFL noise cancelling headsets and teacher release for a launch training event.

The successful development of spontaneous and authentic speaking and listening skills has always been the goal for both international languages and Welsh in English medium departments, not only for pupils’ own sense of progress, but also as a GCSE Welsh oral examination requirement. 

In addition, developing confidence and opportunity to progress speaking and listening with purpose and meaning is crucial for pupils’ sense of engagement and success in languages

 Project schools will therefore generate a case study to answer such questions as:

  • What is the impact of implementing Group Talk and Sanako Connect on pupils’ language progression and confidence?


  • Does the use the Sanako technology impact positively on pupil engagement with languages? How and why?


  • Are there similarities / differences across the different languages?


  • Are there comparisons against other groups not using this approach

Some schools are already seeing positive engagement from their pupils and teachers are brimming with enthusiasm. Sanako UK’s in-house and virtual support has been integral to get this project up and running and as a result, the schools and teachers feel very supported, enthusiastic and developing in confidence as the project develops.

The Sanako Connect Online Language & Interpreting system is widely used in 110 countries and of course all over the UK. Offering unique language learning solutions not available with anything else it is heavily used by schools, colleges and universities to resolve many issues faced by busy language teachers.

Although the project is still in progress, initial feedback is extremely positive. For example;

  • At Caerleon Comprehensive School the number of students opting for German has hit a record high with over 70 choosing the subject at options time round.
  • Monmouth Comprehensive School took the project a little further by developing a Primary languages project using Sanako Connect and the AI enhanced pronunciation system.
  • During a recent Welsh lesson at Bedwas High School which our UK Director, David Binns, attended he noticed just how engaged the students were with the live role play activity they had been given.
  • Cwmbran High School, Lewis Girls High School & Ebbw Fawr Learning Community are active on social media showing the positive impact that this project is having.

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