Sanako UK Ltd

Increased Parental Engagement

at all MFL levels with Sanako Connect

Our innovative language learning platform, Sanako Connect, is designed specifically to enhance parental engagement at all levels of modern foreign language (MFL) education. As parents of primary age children, your involvement in your child's language learning journey is crucial, and Sanako Connect aims to make this process easier and more effective than ever before.

With Sanako Connect you can access teacher led resources to support their learning at home to ensure a collaborative approach to language learning. Our platform is user-friendly and accessible, making it easy for you to stay involved in your child's language learning journey.

We believe that increased parental engagement leads to improved outcomes for students, and with Sanako Connect, we are committed to empowering parents to play an active role in their child's language education. Join us in revolutionizing MFL learning and experience the benefits of enhanced parental involvement with Sanako Connect.


Sanako Connect for Primary School  - AI Enhanced Pronunciation Practice

 All 7 to 10 year old children want to be better than mum and dad at everything, they are very competitive and see life as a game, so why not use this to their educational advantage?

Sanako Connect allows the teacher to quickly post engaging pronunciation activities online for homework activities, which can be submitted back to the teacher for marking, which is done automatically through AI technology. We have found, from past activities, that parents love to get involved and play "games" with their children, although it is an educational game. 

Teacher Alistair Williamson from Cross Ash Primary School, “The pupils have taken French to a new level. The Sanako Connect software has been amazing because they’ve been able to use it independently. They’ve scanned the QR code and have selected their lines from the fairy tale. I could tailor it so they chose their name and their own specific lines from the play came up. The pronunciation feature has been game-changing because they’ve been able to listen to a fluent French speaker speak to them, pick up their accent, copy it and then have the feedback on whether their pronunciation is right and which words they need to work on.”

Cross Ash School also involved parents in the project. “What’s been really good it that we’ve shared the QR code with parents and we’ve had massive parental engagement. All children have been able to access it at home. Parents have been telling us that they’ve been learning French as well and have been competing to see who can get the most stars!”

Sanako Connect for GCSE Level - Live & Spontaneous Speaking & Listening Activities

At Sanako UK Ltd, we believe in the importance of promoting spontaneous speaking and listening skills in children. Our innovative approach includes engaging role play and group talk activities designed to enhance language learning in a fun and interactive way. When this is combined with our package of content for French, Spanish and German for AQA, Edexcel & WJEC exam boards Sanako Connect becomes the most powerful language teaching platform available today.

Our experienced MFL teachers are dedicated to creating a supportive learning environment and with relevant and practical content where students can practice their language skills in a natural and relaxed setting either in class or at home. By encouraging students to communicate with each other through role play and group discussions, we aim to build their confidence and fluency in a foreign language.

Our range of language learning activities that focus on spontaneous speaking and listening help your child develop essential communication skills that will benefit them both academically and personally.

 Sanako Connect for A-Level and beyond

Sanako Connect is far more than a single subject area system. It can be used for MFL, Welsh, English oracy & literacy, alterative placement and of course delivering live A-Level language lessons remotely.

Sixth form students can enhance their learning experience with the innovative technology of Sanako Connect. Our multi activity use feature allows students to engage in a variety of learning activities, from language practice to interactive exercises, all within one platform, live on any device and in any location. With Sanako Connect, students can improve their language skills, collaborate with peers, and receive personalized feedback, making their learning journey both effective and enjoyable.