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Are you struggling to deliver A Level with less contact time?


Sanako Connect online software allows you to prepare independent language learning activities for you’re A Level students, to give them additional learning time without being in front of a teacher. This means that A Level students can be remotely grouped across regions, MAT's or even countries to accumulate enough students to enable effective A Level lessons to be delivered both live & remotely.

Self-marking gap fill, question and answer and multiple-choice activities allow you to deliver remote listening and reading comprehension activities and save a huge amount of marking time.



 What about live and interactive A Level content?

There are ready made A Level speaking questions in French and Spanish and activities to help students see excellent models, to practise their pronunciation and get immediate feedback from the software on the accuracy of their pronunciation, and the opportunity to try again, so that they can keep improving. Students can also submit spoken work as homework (both in audio and video formats) for the teacher to mark, either with oral and written feedback.


In addition to all of this, Sanako Connect acts as an online language centre, where students can work in pairs and groups having live discussions, which the teacher can listen into and give immediate feedback, and which can be recorded for the teacher to listen to later. Our new A Level Group Talk activities provide sentence stems and interesting visual stimuli for these discussions.

Sanako Connect online can also be used synchronously for the teacher to ask all students the same live questions and all students can answer at the same time, to replicate speaking exams. This is also supported by one to one or one to many live webcam streaming when needed for group discussions and for A Level social interaction classmates.


Want to discover more about the versatile Sanako Connect System?

If you want to find out more and book a demonstration, please contact us. One of our MFL trainers would be happy to show you how one product can have have so many different uses in the world of MFL teaching.